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What is EVRIS?  Enterprise Velocity Resource Improvement Solutions, or EVRIS, is a suite of Advanced Scheduling and Modelling solutions for manufacturers with process flow operations. The unrivalled modelling-to-execution capability of EVRIS delivers insight based on the rules, dependencies and constraints unique and specific to your manufacturing environment for improved efficiency, higher yields and greater customer satisfaction.

EVRIS Award-winning innovation and contemporary design, developed by Enterprise Clarity Pty Limited, captures granular process flows and measures for comprehensive representation of production factors in an advanced visualisation format.

By rapidly and accurately replicating operations in EVRIS, you see the impacts of running today’s schedule for yield, cost and delivery of the completed batch. This highly accurate model of environment allows you to challenge present assumptions quickly and logically through a series of ‘what-if?’ scenarios. EVRIS shows the financial impact of your schedule before committing to production and EVRIS allows you to see and to select the adjustments for that schedule to optimise yield and customer service criteria.

Capturing your operations environment in EVRIS and advanced simulation capability, assures all planning scenarios are known, challenged and verified. Delivering execution confidence, leading to an acceptable P&L and optimisation of total capacity. Process flows, sub-process instructions, operating rules and constraints, are all captured in EVRIS for reconciliation with enterprise master data including production and external suppliers. The result is quick, dependable optimisation of all variables impacting schedule efficiency such as plant set-up, crewing, materials and recipe management, process execution and supply chain fulfilment.

For repeat success, the unique production recording function in EVRIS captures execution of the optimised schedule across every facet from schedule creation through to completion.

This continuous record of constraints and optimisation measures creates renewed focus on scheduling to derive optimal yield and efficiency. Such knowledge increases the accuracy of product life cycle decisions including optimal management and calibration of supply chain ‘demand pull’ dynamics that determine margin contribution and P&L results.

Supported by a continuous improvement process, EVRIS delivers the data to make optimised supply and production decisions making a daily reality for FMCG and Process Flow Manufacturing business.

The heart of EVRIS is an intelligent, focused Scheduling solution. In the hands of the Scheduling practitioner, EVRIS extends enterprise capacity to optimise sequencing, cap operational costs and derive optimal supply performance benefits.

Schedules created in EVRIS obey capability, material, labour and change-over constraints plus impacts and preferences.

Why should you be interested in EVRIS?

Well consider the following......

  • Do you need to optimise the sequencing of product through your plant?
  • Do you want to model supply scenarios and compare annual impacts of these rapidly, to improve control or drive strategy?
  • Do you want to put to work the latent information in corporate and operations systems, for investment scenario planning based on the optimal model for utilisation of capacity, impact and cost?
  • Do you want to understand the operating and cost impact of sales mix, product volumes, recipes and operating activity choices?
  • Do you want to capture your scheduling operational knowledge for reinvestment in talent management, skills transfer and business improvement?